Spays & Neuters

Spays & Neuters

We recommend you spay or neuter your pet at 6 months of age.

Why? There are several benefits that accompany spaying and neutering procedures. To begin, unspayed females are at a higher risk for mammary tumors and uterine infection (pyometra), which require very critical and costly surgery to remove.

Likewise, female dogs and cats never completely stop going into heat, so there are potential problems of pregnancy at an advanced age.

As for male pets, unneutered males can develop behavior problems such as urinating in the house or spraying on the furniture; mounting people or objects; and aggressive tendencies making them less desirable companions.

By spaying and neutering our pets, we can also help to reduce the overpopulation of dogs and cats.

What to Expect at Your Pet’s Spay or Neuter

When your pet comes to Newton Veterinary Hospital for a spay or neuter procedure:

  • Your pet is never left alone overnight. Our doctors and technicians monitor your pet 24 hours a day while in the hospital.
  • We require preoperative bloodwork. Our greatest concern is the well-being of your pet. Before putting your pet under anesthesia, we perform diagnostic tests to determine if your pet has any special needs and is healthy enough for anesthesia.
  • We administer IV fluids during the surgery to help sustain body temperature and fluid and electrolyte levels. They also help dissipate anesthesia when your pet is waking up.
  • Your pet receives sedative and pain management medication prior to surgery to minimize anxiety and discomfort.
  • We use sterile surgical packs, just as in a human hospital, to minimize the risk of post-surgical infection.
  • We offer a choice of laser surgery.
  • Your pet is on a heated surgery table to maintain their body temperature.
  • Your pet’s heart rate and oxygen levels are constantly monitored while under anesthesia.
  • A highly trained veterinary technician monitors your pet the entire time they are under anesthesia and until they recover.
  • Your pet will recover in the Intensive Care Unit on a soft fleece blanket.
  • Your pet receives a complimentary pedicure while under anesthesia and suture removal.

Have questions about our spaying and neutering protocols or need to schedule a procedure? Give us a call at 973-772-4930.