Pet Laser Surgery at Newton Veterinary Hospital

Benefits of Laser Surgery for Pets

With the recent addition of laser surgery to our growing practice, we can now offer our clients a choice of surgery techniques.

Laser surgery is recognized in human and veterinary medicine for its benefits to both patient and surgeon:

  • Reduced Pain - The carbon dioxide (CO2) laser beam seals nerve endings as it cuts through tissue, reducing the amount of pain the pet feels during and after surgery;
  • Reduced Bleeding - The CO2 laser beam cauterizes and seals small blood vessels as it cuts reducing bleeding;
  • Reduced Swelling - there is no physical contact between the laser and the surgical region, eliminating the tearing and bruising of tissue associated with traditional surgical methods;
  • Reduced Infection - laser energy acts as an antibacterial agent by producing high temperatures, effectively eliminating microorganisms;
  • Quicker Recovery - as a result of all of the above, laser surgery provides a quicker recovery for your pet.

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